Restyle for 2018 with fresh greenery

Restyle for 2018 with fresh greenery


Put away the Christmas decorations it’s time to restyle!

In early December we eagerly put up our Christmas decorations whilst looking forward to a break ahead or some valuable time with family and friends.? Now that we are reluctantly packing up again the place feels a little empty and dull.? Summer is such as fabulous time in Australia as we head outdoors and also hibernate again when it just gets too hot.? I don’t know about you, but I tend to feel a little guilty after all of the eating and drinking that January heralds for me the beginning of a fresh start.? Along with cleaner, healthy eating and some extra walks I over haul the house and restyle.

Restyling for summer

Summer can be a little more minimalist as we remove all of the heavy throws, knitted cushions and heavy backed curtains.? Swapping these with summer sheers, linen covers and light throws or none really makes a big difference.? Our color tones tend to lighten up to create a fresher feel to our living spaces.? Think natural fibres, fresh cottons and linens and lush greenery.

There has been plenty of research conducted in relation to the value of plants in your home and workplace.? Plants are said to provide cleaner air, lower your risk of illness. enhance concentration and memory and promote healing.? If you are skeptical about any of these just boosting your mood and creating a lovely ambiance is enough for me!? This month French Blue has selected a great range of indoor potted plants to just grab and place.? In ceramic and metallic pots our plants are modern and plentiful.? Our terrariums are created in stunning glassware and potted with lush ferns and succulents.

Additionally one of the best value greenery on the market would be tropical leaves.? Arrange one, three or five in a vase.? A typical monsteria leaf can last up to around 7-8 weeks.? A new range of tropicals are also available in store as well as some on trend glassware if you need an update.? Not sure on your greenery, take a photo of your space and vessel and pop in and see us.

Enjoy your fresh start to January!


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